Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

So as many of my loyal readers know, I was a long time blogger on blogger. Then I decided I would try my hand at creating my own wordpress blog. Wowie oh wow wow. It is a task. Totally doable, even for a novice. The actual designing and massaging a wordpress blog is not the hardest part. Oh no. It isn’t. The hosting is what I find so incredibly difficult. The dreaded cPanel. It makes no sense to me.

I will admit, I have experience with several hosts and it is way complicated. More so than it needs to be.

As many of you will recall, within days of my migration to to my own URL and WordPress blog– I was hacked. By some Serbian with a real chip on his shoulder with respect to the Brazilian National Soccer team. He also had a taste for death metal bands.

I called my host. They password weakness shamed me and took me back to square one. Now armed with a crazy robust password, I started again.

Until the holidays of 2014 it was smooth sailing. I would post every now and again. And then bamm… everything was gone again. I drug my feet contacting my host, because I was busy and not in the mood to be shamed over my password.

Lo and behold they don’t actually back up the way they said they did. They rewrite the back up every five days. So all was lost. Every single post. All the lovely words I had written were eaten… digested and spit out. Like chewed gum.

Le sigh.

Now I have done some reading and some fact finding and it is likely someone on my server was being attacked. [as an aside… who had time for this. I mean really. I barely have time to write, work out, care for the kids and maintain my friendships let alone hack other people. For sport. My blog is not a commercial enterprise. I make no money on this venture. It is a hobby, a place to feature my writing. It is a happy sharing, creative place.

Who hacks that?

Well apparently someone twice.

I may try to retrieve some of my missing posts using the way back machine or something… but for now. It is a fresh start. Turning the page. So glad you are here. Let’s see where this phase of the journey takes us.

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