Book Review: Naked Sunfish– Caviar

Book Review: Naked Sunfish– Caviar

Book Review: Naked Sunfish– Caviar

I’ve known Rick for a long while now. I admire his wit and keen observations. This is his second book and it is as good as the first. He has been sharing his theater of the mundane in the issues of the Naked Sunfish for along time now. It truly is a joy to have them bundled into a book. I enjoyed the exploits of his youth, to his early years in Columbus as a college student.

I too have been publishing to the Naked Sunfish for a good while now and I am seriously contemplating compiling my work into a book as well.

As I enter my 4th decade, it is a joy to read about his life and his experiences. It is the small moments, the snapshots that stay with us. You can find his book on Amazon.

I received no compensation for my book review– other than some lovely conversation and a copy of the book, so I could review it. It really is a memoir of ordinary things. The joy of life are truly in those ordinary moments– that we just don’t forget.

Naked Sunfish – Caviar

If you haven’t read Rick Brown’s first book — Naked Sunfish — Best Bites you totally should. That said you need not read it before you enjoy Naked Sunfish — Caviar. It is charming book that starts in Rick’s youth and takes us to present day. I have read many of Rick’s stories before, but it is great fun following adolescent Rick thru his trials and tribulations of youth– to present day. This book is part comedy and part memoir and part sage observations.

When I was younger, I would devour my grandparents’ reader digests. Rarely for the feature length articles and stories. I preferred the shorter blurbs sent in by readers. Little funny things that happened in every day life. If you, like me preferred those choice tidbits, then this book is for you. Writers often say real life is stranger than fiction and that is true more often than not. Some things just unfold. They occur completely unscripted.

And when you least expect it, some really profound advice comes your way.

One of my favorite stories is in the middle of the book. I won’t ruin it for you, but when Rick writes: … of course it proved to be a not too popular decision… But you know what? Everybody got over it. (yes… I want this on a t-shirt.)

I think some of Rick’s finest writing and observations occur in the stories on page 147 and then again on page 186-187.

It is refreshing to see someone who has lived a full life share the winding path with the reader, more or less unscripted and unrefined. It is the theater of the mundane and that is just fine! (be careful deep thoughts might or might not ensue.)

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